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Saturday (6/25) at 7:30am ET
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   Imagine robbing a bank in an attempt to see a doctor! That’s the decision 62-year-old James Richard Verone of Gaston, North Carolina made when he robbed a bank for just $1 - then waited for police. All so he could get health care in jail, that he says he couldn’t afford on the outside. Is he crazy? Or can he really get better health care in jail?
>>>   Many Americans with private insurance also reply on Medicaid to supplement critical parts of their health care. But now some states – including New Jersey- proposed Medicaid cuts. Some families are terrified their children with serious chronic illnesses might lose coverage. Dr. Gupta breaks down what you need to know and how the proposed cuts can impact your family.
>>>   Sanjay also previews an unusual hearing on the controversial cancer drug Avastin. A big study shows it does not prolong life for most breast cancer patients, the FDA voted to remove its approval for breast cancer. The company appealed.
>>>   And do you ever wonder if your brain is hardwired for pleasure? Could that explain why we desire certain things more than others? Neuroscientist David Linden says yes and chats with Sanjay about how it affects our impulse control.
>>>   Paging Dr. Gupta!  It’s been one-year since classic rocker Gregg Allman had a liver transplant, which he needed after his own liver was ravaged by Hepatitis C. Dr. Gupta makes an Allman Brother house call to check-in Gregg’s life post transplant.

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